Usual Printing Process in Wedding Invitation Production

One usual question a pair may ask for printing wedding invitation is that why they still require to hire a specialist wedding invitation printing business when it is so easy to make colorful hard copies with the printers for house use.

There is no question that printers for residence use nowadays are of fairly premium quality. Some of the printing procedure or technique for making a wedding invitation cannot be done with a house printer. And this creates the reason for a pair to employ a specialist wedding invitation printing company.

Wedding Invitations

Color Printing

One of the most usual printing strategy for printing wedding invitation is four shade printing. As a matter of fact this is not only for wedding invitation, it is the printing process for publishing nearly all publishing materials such as magazines and leaflets.

The 4 shades involved in this printing strategy are CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Blank. The majority of shade printing can be achieved with this technique. As a matter of fact some home use printers are additionally making use of inks or printer toner with these four shades. One may ask if this is the case, why not we just print the invite ourselves. This assumption is ideal and incorrect. It is right because color prints such as images can be published with family printers, with really premium quality. As a matter of fact, it is wrong due to the fact that for some sort of paper, it will be totally a mess if they are published with home printers. In this instance we have to go for a professional printing firm. If unique color such as fluorescent color is needed, a 5th or even 6th shade will be needed to be added to typical CMYK shades. Nevertheless, even more colors indicate a higher printing price.

If the couple is misting likely to provide their very own layout for wedding invitation printing, added treatment ought to be taken to the resolution of the images. A picture or images with resolution of 350 dpi will be excellent enough for printing.

Hot Stamping and Emboss

An additional method that is greatly utilized in wedding invitation manufacturing is warm stamping and emboss in thiep cuoi dep. Warm stamping and emboss are extremely similar practically since they can be done using the very same device. On many wedding invites, there are gold or silver wordings and these gold and silver color are printed by utilizing warm stamping. It is a layer of gold or silver shade movie which sticks on the paper.